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Advantages Of Custom Abutments

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Abutments are used in dental implants to adhere the implant to the bone under the gums. In many instances, stock abutments are used because they're easier and less expensive. The extra cost and effort associated with custom abutments can increase the success of implants and provide better outcomes. 

Accurate Placement

Custom abutments are excellent in terms of their placement. Standard abutments are designed to be drilled straight into the bone where the tooth once was. This does not allow for a person's unique bone and gum structure. Custom abutments are made after taking impressions. The computer program can analyze various features of the impression to help with abutment placement. Some features that are important are where the gumline is and the placement and angle to give the abutment the best positioning in the mouth. Sometimes the abutment may need to be placed at an angle for the final result to meld with the surrounding teeth and look more natural.

Implant Success

Periodontal disease and peri-implantitis are real concerns with any implant. Periodontal disease can develop because the implant may harbor plaque and bacteria, especially if the abutment and implant do not fit correctly. When the implant does not fit correctly, there can be space under the implant that harbors bacteria, which is not easily cleaned without removing the prosthetic tooth. Additionally, peri-implantitis—a soft tissue inflammation—can occur in the area surrounding the implant. This condition can eventually lead to bone loss at the site and implant failure. Similar to periodontitis, peri-implantitis occurs less often with custom abutments than with stock abutments.

Aesthetics And Maintenance

Although stock abutments may be suitable for some teeth, such as the molars, they are not ideal for the front teeth or other teeth that are easily seen when the person talks or smiles. Since the arrangement, angles, and gumline of the front teeth are most visible, it is even more important to match the surrounding teeth with custom abutments. Just like natural teeth, implants need to be maintained. A well-fitting implant can be brushed and flossed like a normal tooth to minimize the chance of dental problems later. Customized abutments pose less risk of causing pain or discomfort when chewing or during the dental care routine, allowing people to better adhere to the maintenance of their implants.

Custom abutments allow virtually everyone to have implants that look and fit well for their unique tooth and gum structure. In addition to aesthetic value, custom abutments reduce the chances of severe dental problems that can cause implant failure later.

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