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Dealing With A Cavity & Dental Abscess: The Cause & How To Get Treated

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Do you have a cavity and now a painful lump is growing on your gums? It is important for you to make a dentist appointment as soon as possible because you may have an abscess, which can be harmful to your health if not treated soon enough. Find out below why you should get your cavity and dental abscess treated as well as what a dentist might charge on average.

What Causes an Abscess to Grow on the Gums Near a Cavity?

When you leave a cavity untreated for a long time, the hole can get deep enough to expose the pulp chamber. The pulp chamber is under the middle layer of your tooth (dentin), and it is where your nerves and blood vessels are located. When bacteria make it inside of a cavity and to the pulp chamber, your gums can get infected. The infection often leads to an abscess forming on your gums that is filled with toxic pus.

The bad thing about an abscess is that the toxic pus can get into your bloodstream if the abscess begins to drain. You don't want the toxic pus in your bloodstream because it can lead to your entire body becoming inflamed. An inflammation can lead to health problems in other parts of your body.

What Can Be Done to Treat an Abscess on the Gums?

A dentist can get rid of the abscess by performing a root canal to drain out the toxic pus. Any damaged nerves and blood vessels inside the pulp chamber of the cavity-infected tooth will also be removed during the root canal procedure. Getting rid of the damaged pulp can save your tooth and prevent further damage if you practice good oral hygiene.

After the root canal is complete, the dentist will have to fill the cavity. You will also be placed on antibiotics to fight the bacterial infection.

What Does it Cost for a Dentist to Treat a Cavity & Abscess?

You are looking to spend up to $2,000 for a dentist to perform a root canal, but the price will depend on which tooth has a cavity. Filling the cavity after the root canal should cost an average of $50 plus. You will likely spend less money if you have dental insurance coverage. Call a dental clinic to make an appointment as soon as possible so your cavity and abscess won't get worse! 

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