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Getting Your Teeth Whitened? Know How To Keep Them White For A Long Time

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If you are getting professional teeth whitening done by a dentist, you likely have some sort of issue with how your teeth look. It could be from stains due to drinking coffee or soda and you want to get your teeth back to the color that they once were. However, you will also want to keep your teeth nice and white after the whitening procedure is finished. Here are a few tips for keeping your teeth white after a whitening procedure.

Change Your Habits

You have to look at how your teeth became stained in the first place so that you can change your habits. If it is from drinking soda, then you may need to find ways to cut back so that you do not have a dark beverage washing over your teeth. Sometimes it is as simple as drinking from a straw so that the beverage isn't touching the front surface of your teeth.

If you have teeth stains from smoking cigarettes, then you'll need to cut back on how much you smoke. You could even switch to vaping, which is not going to cause your teeth to stain nearly as fast as cigarettes do.

Avoid Coffee

Have a habit of drinking coffee every morning to wake you up? It may be time to switch to another method to get your caffeine in the morning. Caffeine pills can be an easier way to get the caffeine you need, which also reduces your calorie intake as well. White tea is another beverage that you can drink that is not going to be so dark in color that it ruins your white teeth.

Change Your Diet

There are a lot of foods in your diet that could lead to teeth staining without you realizing it. Having a lot of dark berries can lead to stains, as can red tomato sauce. In general, you should avoid the food if it can stain a white tablecloth. 

Rinse Out Your Mouth

If you do consume a food or beverage that is known to cause teeth staining, know that you can always rinse your mouth out with water afterward. Not only can this help keep your teeth whiter, but it can deter bacteria from growing in your mouth after the meal. 

Contact your dentist if you are getting teeth whitening done in the future, or you are looking for more tips on how to preserve the new color of your teeth.