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Using Sedation Dental Providers

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Dental care can be an important part of maintaining your appearance and your overall health. While dental care will typically be relatively minor procedures, it is common for patients to feel a lot of anxiety when it comes to receiving this care. Luckily, these patients may be able to utilize IV sedation dentistry treatment options to help alleviate the stress that they are experiencing. 

Myth: Sedation Dentistry Is Only For Major Procedures

When patients think of sedation procedures, they may assume that this will primarily be reserved for extremely major or otherwise invasive procedures. However, extreme dental anxiety can make it very difficult for a dentist to treat their patients. This can be due to the patient having a harder time remaining still for the procedure, suffering an anxiety attack, or even developing a powerful gag reflex due to the anxiety. For these patients, sedation dentistry can be essential for making it possible for them to undergo both major dental procedures as well as routine cleanings and other work.

Myth: Sedation Dentistry Always Involves The Use Of Nitrous Oxide Gas

For a patient that is considering using sedation options for their dental treatments, it is easy to assume this will always include the use of nitrous oxide. While this gas is one of the more commonly used types of sedatives for patients, it is far from the only option available. Another popular solution for sedation dentistry patients is the use of IV systems. During the start of your treatment, the sedation dentist may be able to offer you the option of choosing the type of sedative that you would like to use. This flexibility can be instrumental in allowing these patients to alleviate the stress that they are feeling about this experience.

Myth: Sedation Dentistry Options Will Cause A Patient To Experience More Soreness

One assumption about sedation dentistry that patients should avoid making is assuming that this treatment option will always result in them experiencing significantly more pain and discomfort. In reality, patients that receive sedation dental treatment may be slightly less sore due to their jaw muscles remaining more relaxed. This can be particularly noticeable to those with dental anxiety as their rising anxiety levels could make their muscles more prone to clenching and tightening, which can increase the soreness they experience from having to keep their mouths open for long periods of time while the dentist administering the necessary cleaning, filling or other necessary treatments.