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How To Tell When You Need Root Canal Treatment

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Having healthy teeth is crucial since teeth help you chew food and speak properly. However, your teeth may get damaged or infected if you don't follow a proper oral healthcare routine. If you have damaged teeth, don't wait long before you seek dental treatment. Your dentist will examine your teeth carefully and administer the appropriate treatment.

Root canal treatment helps treat tooth pulp infections through cleaning or filling gaps with biocompatible materials. Here are three signs that tell when you need a root canal treatment.

1. Severe Tooth Pain

Pain is a common sign that something is wrong with your teeth. Normally, tooth pain may range from mild to severe. Sometimes you may also experience pain in your gums. One of the major causes of tooth pain is damage to the nerves in your teeth. Most people feel this pain when they chew or brush their teeth.

However, not all tooth pains indicate the need for a root canal treatment. Some pains may be due to tooth trauma or a severe sinus infection. Therefore, you need to visit your dentist for proper examination and treatment before they can establish if you need root canal treatment.

2. Swollen Gums

If you notice swollen gums, your teeth could be infected. Therefore, you may need to undergo a root canal treatment to prevent the problem from escalating further.

However, swollen gums may also be due to oral injury or gum disease. Swollen gums may appear as a slightly raised part on your gums. You may also experience swelling on your face and neck as a result.

Once you notice a swelling on your gums, you need to keep a close watch. If the swelling doesn't go away on its own after a few days, seek dental help.

3. Cracked Tooth

If you chew hard foods or participate in contact sports, you could easily crack your teeth. You may also experience cracked teeth if dental procedures go wrong. Once a tooth cracks, the nerves underneath get exposed, and you'd be at a high risk of infection. 

Therefore, if you have cracked teeth that show signs of infection, you may need to seek root canal treatment. If you allow these infections to get worse, they could affect other healthy teeth. Also, your teeth may decay and need extraction if you don't seek treatment in time.

If you experience any of the signs discussed above, visit your dentist for a possible root canal treatment. This procedure helps eliminate the need for tooth extraction, especially if your teeth are severely infected or decayed. Contact a dentist to learn more about root canal treatments.