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Before Your Dental Implant: A Few Things To Remember

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Dental implant dentistry requires you to spend a few hours in the dentist's chair to have the implant placed. Once the site has healed and the implant has been stabilized, the finishing touch (the prosthetic tooth fitted to the implant) will be added. But still, it's just a few hours in the dentist's chair and you're on your way to a new smile. There are a few things to remember before you head to the dentist's office on the day of your surgery.

Your Post-Operative Diet

Getting plenty of rest is essential immediately after you receive a dental implant. You really do need to take it easy, and when there's nobody to take care of certain tasks for you, you will need to do a few things to ensure you can adequately rest afterward. Make sure you've visited the grocery store and stocked up on appropriate foods. Remember you will be on a soft food diet in the days after receiving your dental implant, so it's important that your fridge and cupboard are well-stocked. You might also want to tidy up your home since housework and some chores can count as strenuous activity.

Getting Home

Talk to your dentist about the type of sedation you're likely to receive. Your dentist might have a policy that makes it mandatory for someone to drive you home after the procedure.  Even if they don't, it can still be a good idea, if just for safety's sake. Find out if you need to have a family member or friend pick you up, or if a taxi or rideshare service will be okay, and then make the necessary arrangements before your dental appointment.

Full Disclosure

Your dentist will have given you a list of items to avoid leading up to the appointment. These items are some forms of medication that might affect your surgery (such as anti-inflammatories), but it can also include alcohol and tobacco. You need to follow these instructions, but on the day of the appointment, you must disclose any medications you might have recently taken, and this can include seemingly innocent items like aspirin. This won't prevent you from having the implant installed on the day, but it's important that your dentist knows absolutely everything that might be in your bloodstream.

Comfort Over Style

And speaking of your bloodstream, remember that your blood pressure will need to be monitored during the procedure. The machine that does this will be attached to your arm (either your forearm or bicep) so be sure to wear clothing that permits this. Dress for comfort over style. Likewise, you should avoid wearing cosmetics and skin creams. These will need to be wiped away to prevent the risk of contamination around your mouth, so it's better not to wear them at all.

Most of the work associated with a dental implant is the required healing, but you still need to do a bit of preparation before your appointment. For more information about dental implant dentistry, contact a local dental office.