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Good Oral Health: Getting Low Cost Dental Care

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Taking care of your oral health is among one of the most important parts of your overall health care. However, dental care often falls by the wayside due to the lack of proper insurance coverage. Many people suffer effects for years because they cannot afford to go to the dentist regularly. Fortunately, there are some options for low cost or even free dental care:

Request a Payment Plan

You may be able to work out a payment plan with your dentist to make small payments for care. Many dental practices will allow this, as long as you provide them with a down payment prior to being treated. This option may also be restricted to preventative care, such as cleanings, fillings, x-rays, and so on. Cosmetic procedures are not likely going to be permitted on a payment plan, though some offices may offer a line of credit to help you pay for these treatments.

Dental Schools

Dental schools are always looking for patients to hone their skills. You can spend much less money on your treatments by making an appointment with a student dentist. Rest assured that your dental student will be very closely supervised by a licensed dental instructor, so you should have no worries with regard to the level of care you will receive.

Request a Cash Discount

Another option you have is to save up some money to pay for your treatment and asking for a discount from your dentist. If you are a cash-paying patient, many practices will provide a discount for those patients who are paying for their entire series of treatments up front.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are another option you can look into. Dental schools and research labs will periodically have clinical trials for a variety of dental issues. The trial will request participants via television, radio advertisement, or through other means to get the word out. There are typically a limited number of spots available, so you will have to act quickly if you meet the requirements for the trial. If you are selected for the trial, you will be getting your care done for free. In fact, you could even be paid in some instances, which is a bonus.

If you have looked into every way possible to afford your treatments and still cannot afford it, you may want to sit down with your dentist and discuss it. If your health is going to be severely impacted by your oral issues, he or she may be willing to do the work you need for a very low cost or for free, especially if you have a long-standing relationship.