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Dental Tips: A Few Simple Ways To Stop Grinding Your Teeth

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You care about your teeth and keep up with your oral regimen. But what about your grinding issue? This is something that is not your fault, yet it can affect your oral health. This guide will offer tips to help you stop grinding.

Simple Tips To Defeat Bruxism

Do not feel bad about being afflicted with this issue because statistics show that about 1 out of 4 dental patients suffer from tooth grinding. But, hopefully, you can stop being one of them with some of the following suggestions:

Deal With Stress

Stress in all its forms, like anger or anxiety, can cause you to grind your teeth at night, especially if that stress is suppressed. One of the easiest things you can do is try to relieve some of that stress with some of the following:

  • Use an oil burner and lavender oil because lavender contains active ingredients that help your brain relax.
  • Take up a exercise hobby that helps alleviate stress, like yoga or tai chi.
  • Make a list regarding some of the issues that bother you, and try to confront those feelings.

Correct Mouth-Resting Position

Another simple solution is to attempt to train your mouth to rest correctly, so that it becomes a habit. The following is the proper mouth-rest position:

  • Your lips should be closed.
  • Teeth must be slightly apart from each other.
  • The tip of your tongue should be touching the alveolar ridge (or that little area behind your upper teeth and palate), which should help sustain your upper teeth in place once it becomes second nature to you.

This position is sometimes attributed to something called the yogic mouth position from yoga practices.

Use The Right Minerals and Vitamins

You might find it hard to believe that consuming the right minerals and vitamins can make a difference to your situation, but it might. You should make sure that you have ample amounts of magnesium, calcium, vitamin B5, and vitamin C because they help regulate your muscle and nervous system. Studies have shown that some people have experienced a reduction of teeth-grinding when taking enough of these minerals and vitamins.

You can get these minerals and vitamins from:

  • Multi-vitamins or other supplements
  • Aged cheeses, mushrooms, dark leafy greens, or sprouted grains

Understand that these suggestions are just meant to be helpful and do not guarantee a solution, especially if your issue is severe. Be sure to talk to your dentist, as he or she may have additional suggestions and could check if your problem has caused any damage.