Dental Care for Kids: Finding the Right Dentist

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When Your Child Is Crying over a Toothache

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Children cry a lot. Whether it is because their sibling ripped their favorite toy away, or they don't want to eat their supper, children produce tears seemingly on command. If your child is complaining of mouth pain, you should set up an appointment with their dentist soon. If your child is crying in agony, it's time to seek emergency dental care.

The Pain May be Caused from an Abscessed Tooth

Abscessed teeth are teeth that have become infected. The area around the tooth becomes inflamed, and the pain can be significant. The pain from an abscessed tooth can also come on quickly. If your child is suddenly crying about tooth pain, there is need for immediate treatment. An abscessed tooth may need to be pulled, and your child will likely be prescribed antibiotics to get rid of the infection. Left untreated, an infection from an abscessed tooth can spread to the jaw, and eventually the bloodstream.

The Tooth Could Have an Exposed Nerve

When your child has a small cavity, they aren't likely to scream out in pain. If this cavity has developed into a larger cavity, this decay could be exposing a nerve root. This is very painful for anyone, and a child with a decayed tooth severe enough to expose a nerve will be crying in pain. Depending on whether the tooth is a permanent one or a primary one will determine the treatment used. A primary tooth will probably be pulled, while the dentist may try hard to save a permanent tooth.

The Tooth May Be Cracked

Children will bite down on anything. Even if they don't have decay in their mouth, it is possible to crack a tooth. While your child might not be able to identify when they injured their tooth, they will know when something hot or cold makes the tooth hurt. A cracked tooth can lead to an exposed nerve or to an abscessed tooth, so it's important to get a cracked tooth repaired as soon as possible.

Whether your child has a tooth infection, moderate decay, or is in need of an extraction, your child's dentist will work with you to discuss your options. It is always a good choice to err on the side of caution and bring your child to the dentist when they are complaining of mouth pain. An emergency dentist will be able to assess their mouth and treat any problems.