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How A Dentist Can Install Dental Implants When Your Jawbones Are Unhealthy

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If you are tired of hiding your teeth because you are missing a few, investing in dental implants may be the solution to the problem. However, you must have healthy jawbones in order for the implants to be installed. Below, find out how a dentist can give you dental implants if your jawbones are not healthy.

How Can a Dentist install Dental Implants When Jawbones are Unhealthy?

If you don't have the healthy jawbones requires for dental implants, a dentist can perform bone grafting. Bone grafting will be done after you have had an X-ray to find areas where there is still healthy jawbone. Your gums will be numbed and a small piece of healthy jawbone will be removed. An incision in your gums will then be made where implants are being installed. A flap of skin will be made at the time of the incision because it is needed to properly stitch your gums back up.

The dentist will then put the healthy jawbone inside of the incision site. You will get stitched back up after a special membrane is placed over the bone graft. The membrane is important because it will keep you from getting an infection from the procedure. The flap of skin that was created earlier will then be placed over the incision site and stitched up. You will have to heal for a while before the implants are installed.

How Will the Dentist Install Dental Implants?

Before installing the implants, the dentist will examine the incision site from bone grafting to make sure you are healed enough. If the results are satisfactory, a hole will be drilled so the implants can be screwed into the jawbone. Anesthesia will be administered to you before the procedure begins, so there is no need to worry about being in pain.

The dentist will continue drilling holes until they are in every area that an implant is being installed. He or she will then screw in all of the implants to complete the procedure. Although the implants will be secure after they are screwed in, they will eventually connect to the jawbones for even more security. Before leaving the dental clinic, you will be prescribed pain medicine and antibiotics.

Get into the habit of brushing your teeth several times per day so your implants will always look good. Don't neglect your oral health because you may end up losing healthy jawbone again and suffering from tooth loss! Visit for more information.